The Corner Bar: The Show

Back in 2001, lifelong friends Brian Pisani and Brian Hernandez, wanted to write and produce a movie based on the service industry and bar life, from their experiences of bartending. Even though a lot of good material was written down, the two of them never got around to finish writing the movie.  Fast forward to today, they are still great friends and are moving forward with a different concept on the service industry movie they thought about writing and producing years ago.

Brian from multiPOPtural, with the help of his daughter filming and editing, the guys from the podcast, Brian Pisani, and The Corner Bar here in Greensboro, NC, they have began devolvement on  a web/tv series based on their past and current service industry shenanigans .  It’s a combination of The Office/Parks and Rec meets Cheers if these shows were rated R, and not on network tv. We’ll be updating videos on our YouTube channel, and look forward to putting out some funny content for you.

Story by Amy Pitts. Editor and Producer at multiPOPtural

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