Pops! For Patients Carolinas

POPS! For Patients Carolinas is a cause that collects and donates Funko POP! toys to children’s hospitals across North and South Carolina. Our mission and goal is to bring happiness and joy to the lives of hospitalized kids during their extended stays. We have teamed up with the original Pops! for Patients in TN, and will be heading up the North and South Carolina Division of this amazing program.

Thanks to the generosity of many, they have already donated thousands of Funko POP! toys since August of 2016. Please consider reaching out and joining our team because, together, we can make a difference, one POP! at a time…

If you’d like to help us throw some fundraisers, want to join our Muses of Cosplay team to help hand out the toys at hospitals, or are interested in joining the cause, please reach out to us on the contact us form on the website.

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