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Brian a.k.a. B-Hern a.k.a. El Nino a.k.a. The Rican Thanos a.k.a. The Voice a.k.a. Boris The Bullet Dodger 


Johnson City, NY

Nationality: 100% Puerto Rican. Wepa!!!!!!!!!

 Superpowers:  Uncanny Ability to Attract Head Cases and Psychopaths

 Superpowers I Wish I Had:  Time Travel and the Ability to Cook Something Besides Pasta

 Superhero Wives: Storm & Scarlet Witch

Favorite Movies:  Big, Snatch & Natural Born Killers

Favorite Cartoons:  Thundercats, He-Man, Transformers, Duck Tales

 Favorite Comic/GN/Book:  The Walking Dead

 Favorite Shows: Parks & Rec, New Girl, Happy Endings, Breaking Bad, The Office, Entourage, Sopranos, Golden Girls

 Specialties:  Cinematic Adventures, Old School Hip Hop Lover, Vinyl/CD/DVD Collector, Funko Pops, Arcade Games, ComicCon’s, Concerts, and Livin the Dream

 Gamer Tag: elnino29 (xboxone)

“For every action, there is a reaction, and a Piker reaction is quite a fuckin’ thing.”-Snatch



Ryan Saba a.k.a. Captain Cleveland, a.k.a. Bob Sugar, a.k.a. This ain’t show friends, this is show business, a.k.a. I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse


Cleveland, OH

Nationality:  I’m half whatever your mom likes (just the good half)

Superpower:  Sarcasm, Ambition, and Charisma

Superpower I Wish I Had:  Patience and Tact

Superhero Wife:  Black Widow or Rogue

Favorite Movie:  The Godfather

Favorite Cartoon:  Thundercats & DBZ  

Favorite Comic/GN/Book:  Anything with Wolverine

Favorite Show:  The Wire 

Specialties:  Product of Hip Hop Culture, Sneaker Head, Movie Critic, Binge Watching Expert, Sports Aficionado, Video Game Enthusiast and Dog Lover.

Gamer tag: MrSabaTooth (xboxone)

“I set out a goal when I came back to bring a championship to this city.  I gave everything I had, I poured my heart ,my blood, my sweat and my tears.  Cleeeeeeveland This Is For You!!!!!!!!!”



Matthew a.k.a. Feliciano [Fuh-lee-see-ahno] a.k.a. The Puerto Rican Larry David a.k.a. Logan Stark a.k.a. Mr. Triple Entendre a.k.a  The Keeper of Obscure Yet Appropriate References a.k.a. Now Yous Can’t Leave.


Brooklyn, NY

Nationality:  Nuyorican

Superpower:  I tend to speak in relevant rap lyric or movie quote. I Transform transformers out of the box without instructions. I spit Wit Darts with Hawkeye precision. I have many leather bound books. Oh, and apparently I’m indestructible (#axeaboutme) 

Superpower I Wish I Had:  I wish for more wishes. And teleportation

Superhero Wife:  Diana Prince. Or Big Barda. Or Mad Harriet. Or the girl who just did the White House Correspondence Dinner (#notallheroeswearcapes)

Favorite Movie:  A Bronx Tale

Favorite Cartoon:  Thundercats, OG Scooby Doo, Regular Show,  The Oblongs, Big Mouth, G1 Transformers, Futurama

Favorite Comic/GN/Book:  The Killing Joke, The Alchemist

Favorite Show:  Chappelle Show, Breaking Bad, Golden Girls,  Three’s Company, Parks & Recreation, Black Mirror. Curently – Westworld.

Specialties:  Hip Hop Purest, Rare Vinyl Enthusiast, Transformers Nerd

Gamer tag: mindseyepoke (PS4, chess.com)

“May The Schwartz Be With You”



Jerry, a.ka. Don, a.ka. J.Don, a.k.a. J.Don Draper, a.k.a. Baron Greenback, a.k.a. So-Cal Kid, a.k.a. Broke-ass Elon Musk

Eden, NC

Nationality: Pasty Anglo and or Saxon

Superpower: Ability to ignore nearly anything

Superpower I Wish I Had: Kilgrave mind powers (not to rob or rape, but to make old racist mow Black families yards and shit)

Superhero Wife: Barda (Gorgeous warrior to keep me safe while I do my magic act)

Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski

Favorite Cartoon: Now: Rick & Morty Past: DBZ

Favorite Comic/GN/Book: Spiderman: Kraven’s Last Hunt

Specialties: Comics and Collectables (I’m the guy looking through every comic box at the flea market)

“I’m what happens when the Germans and the British get along….and by get along, I mean bang”



Jordan a.k.a. Doo Doo Brown, a.k.a. USDA Fresh Prime Meat, a.k.a. ManFashioned

Niceville, FL

Nationality: Halfsies

Superpower: Speaking my mind 24-7 365

Superpower I Wish I Had: Ability to Slam Dunk a Basketball on a Regulation Hoop

Superhero Wife: Mystique 

Favorite Movie: Blade (I bring it up almost every podcast), Hereditary, Pulp Fiction

Favorite Cartoon:  Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon

Favorite Comic/GN/Book(s): Venom: Lethal Protector & Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe 

Specialties: Video Games, Horror Movies, Sassy Pants, Lying, and Negative Responses to Positive Movies

Gamer tag: doodoobrown3879 (PS4)

“I’m a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, motherfucker!”